Tree Planting

Trees are an important feature in the urban landscape. They can help fight the climate crisis, purify air, lower the air temperature, improve biodiversity, and encourage more wildlife.  It has been proven that areas with increased tree coverage helps boosts people’s quality of life.

The Parish Council is committed to supporting a programme of tree planting that will further enhance the Parish. Where appropriate, the Parish Council will work with the Great Western Community Forest (GWCF), Swindon Borough Council, and other partners to facilitate new tree planting within the Parish.

Below are recent tree planting projects the Parish Council has been involved in:

Trees for Climate

Together with the Great Western Community Forest (GWCF) and Swindon Borough Council, the Parish Council has planted trees as part of the Trees for Climate scheme.

The Parish Council planted a new mini woodland at Westcott Recreation Ground, with more than 1000 trees added to the field. Planting was done by Parish Council staff in March 2022.

Westcott Tree Planting

The Parish Council has also planted a small orchard at Buckhurst Field, with 20 apple, plum, damson and pear trees.

Buckhurst Tree Planting site

We look forward to planting more trees under the Trees for Climate scheme in the 2022/23 tree planting season.

Lawn Avenue

The formal entrance to The Lawn park from the High Street was originally lined by mature Holm Oaks and Yew trees forming an arch over the path. This wonderful avenue of trees was sadly damaged in the “great storm” of 1987 and were cut down in the aftermath as they were deemed unsafe.

Replanting of this avenue took place in the early 1990’s using Red Oaks, but in the intervening years these trees suffered from honey fungus, a fungal infection that weakens the trees and eventually leads to their death.

Black Walnut trees have now been selected to replace the dead Red Oak trees as the walnuts have some resistance to the honey fungus. The walnuts are now slowly becoming established.

Parish Councillors at Lawn Avenue with the Black Walnut Trees

Queen’s Park Jubilee Tree Planting

The Parish Council planted two cherry blossom trees at the Remembrance Garden in Queen’s Park as part of the Queen’s Platinum Jubilee celebrations. Children who attended the Parish Council’s Community Easter Fun Day planted the trees with the gardeners at Queen’s Park.

Parish gardener planting a cherry tree with children at the Queen's Park memorial garden
Children with a Cherry Tree in the Queen's Park Memorial Garden

Tiny Forests

Swindon’s first Tiny Forest was planted in March 2021 at the East Wichel Park by the Parish Council in partnership with Earthwatch Europe and BMW Mini Electric. A second Tiny Forest was planted in March 2022 at Buckhurst Field in partnership with Earthwatch, Nationwide Building Society and Vaillant UK.

Tiny Forests are a style of tree planting that plants trees densely together – with 600 native trees planted within a tennis court size plot. This planting method encourages accelerated forest development, is rich in biodiversity and is ideal for urban environments where there is less green space for tree planting.

There are lots of advantages to having a Tiny Forest

  • They provide a useful resource for teaching children about climate and biodiversity
  • More trees mean more carbon captured and Tiny Forests are a great choice for urban environments
  • They provide opportunities for people to spend more time with nature and communities to come together to plant trees, and help to capture valuable data on carbon capture, biodiversity, flood management and local temperatures.

For more information about Earthwatch Tiny Forest’s, please visit:

If you need some help please call us on 01793 317410 or e-mail