South Swindon In-Bloom

The Royal Horticultural Society (RHS) organises the Britain in Bloom competition which is entered by various communities across the UK. Over 1,600 communities enter each year, participating in their local regions “in Bloom” campaign. From these regional competitions, around 80 communities are selected to enter the national finals of the RHS Britain in Bloom. It is a popular campaign estimated to involve more than 200,000 volunteers nationally in cleaning up and greening their local area.

Whilst the traditional floral displays still play an important part of the contest, the “Bloom” title nowadays also reflects equally on environmental factors and community participation. Medal standards of Gold, Silver Gilt, Silver and Bronze are awarded based on rigorous judging criteria which includes horticulture, environment, and community.

The RHS also organises the “Its your Neighbourhood” Award, a grassroots campaign supporting smaller, volunteer-led community groups focussed on improving their local environment.

The Parish Council first entered the Southwest in Bloom competition in 2019 and was successful in being awarded a Silver Medal as well as a trophy for the best Victorian Park. There was no competition held in 2020 due to COVID-19 but in 2021, we were again awarded a Silver Medal.

Community & Volunteering

The Parish Council are keen to continue to work with and support our local communities and volunteers to improve the overall standard of future “in Bloom” entries with the eventual aim of achieving the prestigious Gold Award.

To help focus our efforts in achieving the higher awards, we aim to concentrate our efforts on different areas of the Parish over the next 3 years with the Old Town area being chosen as the priority for 2022.

Whilst the Parish Council has previously played a major role in achieving the Silver Medal Award, it is now recognised that in order to succeed in future years, there will be a greater emphasis placed on facilitation and support from the Parish Council for an In-Bloom community.

To help facilitate in-Bloom entries, the role of Volunteers (individual, community and corporate) and how they can help support In-Bloom will be encouraged and supported by the Parish Council.

If you need some help please call us on 01793 317410 or e-mail